My name is Kris Walker

a software engineer
and mountaineer

Currently most well known as the principle engineer behind video playback on smart TVs, Chromecast, and some random set top boxes for Disney+. For me, this is the best job I could ever ask for.

I blog about my experiences, and I'm easy to contact; so give me a shout.

And you should probably follow me on Twitter, where I can be found passing along insightful information. But, of course I would say that, so you should find out for yourself.

Oh, and my latest presentation, covering Technical Debt, was given April 9, 2016 at GDG Hudson Valley. The slides are available here (pdf).

Also, I gave a presentation on Store Query Presenter Pattern at Fluent Confernence 2016. The slides are available here (pdf). The video of the talk (and all talks at Fluent 2016) is available on the O'Reilly site.

I've also given presentations like The Hilarity of Xbox Application Development, at Backboneconf 2014.