It feels good to carry a chip around on your shoulder. The whole world is against you, so you get to choose who you want to be nice to and when to be nice to them. And even better, "Me versus the World" is really motivating.

That's one way to look at it. It's the way I used to look at.

But what if even some small percentage of the World actually wanted to help you? What if there are some people who are nice, knowledgeable, and generous with their time? What if it's more than just a small percentage? What if most of the people you meet while working on your business would become a huge asset to your success if you would just seek them out and let them in?

When I made my first serious attempt at starting a business I used to cringe at paying a lawyer, or seeking out angel investor capital. My perspective was that they were not the ones doing the "real" work and didn't deserve any part of the rewards that come with the sacrifices of entrepreneurship.

Even worse, if I sought out a good, valuable lawyer or angel investor it would have broken my mental model of them as exploitative and manipulative. If I broke that model, I would lose the motivating factor of that chip I had been carrying around. How could I build a business "in spite" of everyone if there was nobody to spite?

Now we've got a great lawyer, and have started relationships with a number of angel investors. And you know what? I'm happier, I can focus on the nuts and bolts of my business, and everyone I've met so far is either pulling for me or has rolled up their sleeves to help me out. How great is that?

And, we're not missing the motivation of "us versus the World". The startup community is awesome, just like the developer community and we're all on the same team. Check out this post from Sravish Sridhar highlighting the incredible team effort and support that can be found within the startup community for entrepreneurs. How motivating is that?! Seriously, who needs to carry that chip around?